RAM response to clients’ questions regarding the global pandemic: 

To all of our valued clients and potential clients, we will not be scheduling any patients for at least the next 4 weeks starting April 1,2020 due to new cases of community spread of COVID-19 (see March 31st, 2020 report published by the Humboldt County Public Health Department). During this time, if you have any questions and concerns about the continuity of your treatments or follow-up appointments please call or email us. You will maintain the same credit you currently have with us and we will reschedule you as soon as it is safe to do so.  During this crisis, Dr. Chen will be working at several healthcare delivery sites in the community to help mitigate the crisis and she will also be participating as a reserve/relief physician for the California Health Services Corp. Please take care of yourselves, stay well and we will see you all soon!