Appearance of Lips

The Lip Restoration Program

■ eLaser to rebuild collagen ( 3-5 sessions )

■ Dermafiller to boost volume ( once a year)

■ Botox to reduce pursing ( every 4 months )

■ (Optional) semi-permanent lip liner

Pricing from $1350

Lips can be one of the most tell-tale signs of aging. The Lip Restoration Program is designed to address all the issues associated with aging lips or thin lips. The eLaser can stimulate collage repair and cell renewal to help reduce the vertical lines ( known as smoking lines or kissing lines ) around the mouth, Botox can be injected in small amounts to reduce pursing of the lips, and Dermafiller ( Juvederm ) can be injected into the vermillion border and cupid's bow to boost lip volume. The results are immediately visible, and can last up to one year. The filler, Botox and the first of a series of eLaser treatments can all be done in one hour under local anesthesia. Patient will have minimal local swelling and redness that is barely noticeable. The following eLaser treatments are completed in one month intervals and will only take about 5 minutes each time. For those who wish for more lip definition, semi-permanent lip liner can be tatooed to eliminate the need for lipstick applications. For more information please see the following links:




Lip Liner

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