Rosacea, Broken Blood Vessels, Blotchy Redness of the Face or Chest


■ 3-6 Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Sessions

■ Topical Azelaic Acid

■ Sun Protection

Cost range $350 +

Facial Redness and broken blood vessels are all part of a skin condition call Rosacea. It's more common in light-skinned individuals and can be triggered or made worse by certain food, drinks, activities and sun exposure. Intense Pulsed Light can break the small blood vessels and lessen the appearance of the redness for a period of time but if triggering factors are not removed or decreased, the redness can return. Repeat treatments can be necessary in some individuals, and topical Azelaic Acid can help to lessen the redness as well. Some people will also have Acne associated with Rosacea, and we can treat that as well. Please see the Acne section. Each treatment last about 10 minutes, we will give you pre-medication if necessary, all patients can opt for topical numbing gel to help reduce discomfort. Usually 3-6 treatments are necessary to significantly reduce the redness. After the treatment, one can have transient ( a few hours of one day) of increased redness or local swelling. Very rarely there can be blisters or crusting. We recommend good sun protection, aloe vera gel for soothing and healing, over-the-counter antibiotic ointment application to any healing areas, and cold compress as needed. Results are visible usually after 2-3 weeks of treatment completion. Maintenance and Follow-up treatments periodically can be done to prevent full relapse. Please see following link for more information.

Rosacea Treatment


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