Consultation: $75

All clients will be charged $75 to hold their appointment, which will

not be refunded if the appointment is cancelled less than 12 hours in advance

or without notice. The fee will go toward their next treatment

not their next appointment.


Cost is $12 per unit plus...

$75 injection fee if used less than 20 units

$25 injection fee if used 20 units to 59 units

No injection fee added at 60 units and above.



■ Forehead, between Eyebrows, or Crow's feet:

Each area $120-$360 plus injection fee if any.

■ Glabella: $240 to $360

■ Crows Feet: $240

■ TMJ or square Jaws: $360 or more, plus injection fee if any

■ Migraine treatment: $240-$480

■ Underarm sweating control: $ 1200 (both sides)

For regular Botox users: Be sure to join the Brilliant Distinctions

program to earn rewards points.


(The following are estimates. A doctor consultation is

necessary to determine exact quantities required.)

■ Face: Voluma $800 per tube, each additional tube is $50 off if done

on same visit.

■ Lips: Juvederm $700 per tube, with a $75 injection fee for a second visit using

same tube.

(Join the Brilliant Distinctions program to earn rewards points!)

Fractional skin resurfacing:

■ eMatrix (Sublative resurfacing)

Face $500

Chest $500

■ IPL (Photofacial):

Face: $400

Spot treatment: $175

Lower neck and chest: $500

Hands (two): $250

Forearms (two): $500

Hands and Forearms: $650 (both sides)

*for IPL and eMatrix, purchases of any combination of 4

will get a 10% discount off the total price.

■ Crows Feet Area smoothing and Under-Eye Tightening:

Three sessions of regional resurfacing alternating with 3 sessions

of regional IPL: $650

Laser Hair Reduction:

■ Upper lip $100 per session, $450 for package

■ Chin $125 per session, $500 for package

■ Brows: $100 per session, $450 for package

■ Upper Neck $125 per session, $500 for package

■ Sideburns $125 per session, $500 for package

■ Lower face/chin/upper neck all together $400 per session, $1800 for package

■ Bikini lines only $150 per session, $800 for package

■ Brazilian (anything beyond bikini lines) $300-500 per treatment, $1000-1500 for

package depending on area desired

■ Axilla ( underarms ) $ 150 per session, $ 800 for package

■ Upper chest, half-back, lower leg, or thigh: $ 350 per side per session,

$ 1800 for package

■ Full Legs and Thighs: $ 700 per session, $3600 for package

[Note: Packages are 6 treatments of same or equivalent area.

Half packages are available.]

Pre-numbing gel is available for purchase at $40 per tube.

Thermage (tightening and cellulite smoothing)

Note that the full price must be paid at the time of SCHEDULING

Thermage appointments. This is non-refundable but is fully credited.

Cancellation and No Show policy: If an appointment is missed (No Show),

or is late-canceled without 24 hours or one business day notice, we charge

a $75 deposit to re-book. This deposit is credited toward the next appointment

or forfeited if there is failure to keep the rescheduled appointment.


■ Face + Chin: $1,450 (900 pulses)

■ Neck + Chest: $1,450 (900 pulses)

■ Face + Chin + Chest: $1,750 (1200 pulses)

■ Body (by area): $1,750 per area (note that some large areas or 2 sides

require 2 tips and cost $2,950)

For regular Botox users: Be sure to join the Brilliant Distinctions

program to earn rewards points.

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