Acne, Large Pores, Scars and Uneven Complexion


■ 4-6 eMatrix sublative skin resurfacings

■ Prescription Medications

■ Home-use acne control skin care products

Cost Range: $400 +

Acne is a condition that can be caused or made worse by several factors, Dr.Chen can prescribe the best treatment combinations for your specific type of skin. Treatment may involve addressing the hormone triggers, skin inflammatory factors, bacterial colonization and pore-clogging debris. One of more of these issues can be treated as appropriate for each person.

For smoothing out complexion, skin resurfacing technologies have improved quite a bit over the last decade. We now have the latest, most advanced fractional skin resurfacer, the eMatrix system, that allows the skin to renew itself from below the surface with minimal damage and down time. Home skin care products are an important adjunct to maintaining your results.

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eMatrix (Sublative resurfacing)

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